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A Morgellons Bacterial Pathogen Identified


Morgellons disease appears to be combination of many pathogens, including; bacterial, fungal and parasitical. 

This particular bacteria appears as a circular sphere, (coccus) in all Morgellons human samples that have been cultured in nutrient agar that I have inspected so far.  The sample below has been identified as Synechococcus, in the Cyanobacteria phylum as per visual identification comparision to known microscopic photographs.   This bacteria is known to originate from salt or fresh water.

When I first noticing these spheres, I commented on how they looked like someone had taken their finger and drew concentric circles in sand.

Ear Lesion cultured in Nutrient Agar on 3/18/09 @100x



Ear Lesion below @450x:


Photo below: from Wikipedia of Synechococcus:

Photo below from: 

 The Institute for Research and Development.

A Synechococcus cell dividing.


Cell dividing – Human Ear Lesion Below @ 100x

04_22_89 05_02_76

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