Morgellons Researchers

Radical Polymerization in Morgellons


Radicals, also called, free radicals are the result of a physical process in which an atom, ion or molecule becomes unpaired and is set into a ‘free’ state.  In this free radical state, they are more than likely to cause a reaction.  ‘Radicals’ play an important role in combustion, atmospheric chemistry, polymerization, biochemistry, and many other chemical processes, including human physiology.

Below is a video by an Experimenter Baraka on the Morgellons Disease Research site which gave us the first glimpse into this fascinating world.  Morgellons sufferers appear to have seeds, colored specks, fibers and debris that emit from under their skin as a primary definition of this disease added with a biofilm that is being created on the skin.  This starter seed below has been identified to be in the Peridiscaceae family of the Cyanobacteria phylum.

You are witnessing a Morgellons starter seed on a slide – exploding, as it might inside the human body, using radical polymerization to create this chain reaction fiber network:

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