Morgellons Researchers

Horizontal Inheritance with GM Trees in Morgellons Part 5


Part 5 of:
Horizontal Inheritance with GM Trees and Toilet Paper
Causing Morgellons Fibers and Disease


The pesticides, fibers, insects/parasites, pine pollen, ‘BT’ and/or agrobacterium, fungus, viruses from GM manipulations, etc., all ‘live’ or are/were within the environment of the toilet paper. That today’s cleaning methods used to clean pulp in the paper-making process, is not efficient enough to clean out the GM modified elements within the GM tree. The GM tree is pure pesticide and it’s removal – impossible.

When studying today’s toilet paper – the Morgellons fibers are very much evident in certain brands. However, at this time, it is not known how many or if any of the other pathogens mentioned are contained in today’s toilet paper products, that this was probably a ‘bad batch’ of diseased or infested trees that went out in the form of toilet paper – at the time of the Florida, Texas and California outbreaks?

A flow chart might look like this:
direct or prolonged skin contact -> unknown?

direct breathing of fibers into lungs –> likely

direct contact with bleeding -> most likely

It is possible that a person could be carrying, unknown to them, these above mentioned pathogens from toilet paper within their bodies without evident signs of Morgellons, it is not known at this time, whether this is a true statement or not?

If this is a true statement, what sets off the Morgellons to be evident, is known as a ‘trigger’, as has been suggested, a weak immune system and/or stress. It is not known if stress and a weak immune system alone are enough to allow Morgellons to be evident, or if it takes another event to be the ‘trigger’?

Some other suggested triggers might be:

1. Continious ingesting of pesticides in all the forms possible, to add to the internal pesticide load, creating ‘pesticide build-up’.

2. An insect bite

3. The introduction of another type of parasite, bacteria, fungus, virus, etc.
4. The system becoming overly toxed or diseased by any other or specific means
5. Environmental triggers
6. Other diseases or conditions already in existence.

The Morgellons pathogens might not be readily identifiable by traditional specialists in each field pertaining to each pathogen because of the Horizontal Inheritance or Gene Transfer aspect of bioscience which allows geneticists to inject genes from one specimen into another. 

The Morgellons pathogens will probably require careful examination by GM tree modification bioscientists, who are knowledgeable in this area – to determine exactly what pathogens are involved here.

I believe that with time, we will know the answers to these unknown questions. And, that if there’s anyone out there within this community that has any way of testing toilet paper or offering to collaborate – please put your results or conclusions in this tread to help us all?


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