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Horizontal Inheritance with GM Trees in Morgellons Part 6


Part 6 of:
Horizontal Inheritance with GM Trees and Toilet Paper
Causing Morgellons Fibers and Disease


All I have is my personal experience with Morgellons to draw an intelligent, deductive, opinion from. Since I have witnessed someone contracting Morgellons from me and seen their symptoms to compare mine to, which are very different than mine, I have concluded, along with other information that there are at least two different ‘types’ of Morgellons disease, possibly more.

For example, I have touched and viewed the lesions of a man who states that he’s had his rough, sandy, open skin lesions for approximately 15-20 years, these emit ongoing, tiny black specks, which I also saw in his washing machine, lint trap, in his shower, and on his white tile, bathroom floor. He may also be emitting the white specks but this was not evident since most of the places I witnessed had a white background.

This emitting of black specks with many, small, open rough, sandy lesions is his only visible skin symptom, he remarked than his cognitive thinking has been ‘different’ in the past few years, ‘that he has lost something, and is not near as sharp as he used to be’ like an on-going mild, ‘mind fog’, and remarks about a noticeable change in his belief system, awareness in some areas and less in others, and his value system changed, no longer had a big interest in making money – remarks that a ‘stroke-like’ episode occurred a few years ago – yet has no signs that a stroke happened today.

His Morgellons characteristics are nothing like what is being reported today – what you might call today’s multi-pathogenic or ‘super’ versions. From witnessing his Morgellons, it makes sense that the Morgellons symptoms and characteristics have changed through time?

Because the Morgellons pathogens are not and have not been easily identified, this is why I introduce the ‘Horizonital Inheritance’ aspect to my theory. That it possibly started out as fairly simple modifications with each modification, taking the experiments to further levels, etc., it has possibly morphed into a conglomoration of currently unidentifed species and strains, which over time, are now mutated great-grandchildren of the original known pathogens that contain some very bizarre genetic crossings that have been added gradually along the way?

Based on viewing this man’s 15-20 year version – the determining factor of what symptoms show themselves, I believe, is when, what year, a person initially contracted Morgellons or when they started showing the signs of the symptoms? Of course, observing one older case is not enough to draw a scientific conclusion from, however, this is something that needs to be looked at in greater numbers to draw better conclusions.
It would be interesting to view the statistical data of when GM trees were first starting to be used in the production of paper products, namely toilet paper. Specifically, to look at when this process started and what was each step in the genetic modifications, along with their timelines?


I call the victims who had their initial outbreak to develop in their heads with scalp lesions, who had no other possible contact with a known, existing Morgellons victim, and had a severe ‘outbreak’, a complete ‘body takeover’ where there was a massive ‘raining down’ of particles that fell from their head onto other body parts to create more lesions – the "Primary Carrier". And, the people who, like nurses, in particular, who caught their Morgellons from a "Primary Carrier", or their lesions first appeared in other places, besides their scalps – I call these – "Secondary Carriers".
I have witnessed the pathogens emitted by both myself, labeled a "Primary Carrier" and the person who contracted it from me – a "Secondary Carrier". I won’t go into detail here on how I am almost positive that they contracted it from me, but conclude, that if the more modern, ‘super versions’ of Morgellons are involved – that the "Primary Carriers" definitely are contagious, especially, if they have not received antibiotics and possibly other treatments. I have witnessed first hand, that it is a possibility that the "Secondary Carriers" can also be contagious under certain circumstances, mostly by them not receiving treatments.

It appears that since the symptoms of the "Secondary Carrier" are not as great as the "Primary Carriers’" in the amount of the ‘debris’ that is emitted, and other ‘involvement’, and that the black specks/seeds may not even be a factor with the Secondary Carrier’s symptoms, the Secondary Carrier may have completely different symptoms than from the "Primary Carrier" that they contracted theirs from. And, that the "Secondary Carriers" may not be as contagious as the "Primary Carriers" and with suggested possible antibiotic, steroid, fungal, anti-viral and topicals, for both types, may end up not being contagious at all.

I surmise that the variables of ‘when’ a person contracted their Morgellons along with whether they are a Primary or Secondary Carrier is possibly why we are getting the difference of opinion on whether Morgellons is or is not contagious and why there are so many different, and individual symptoms?


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