Morgellons Researchers

Horizontal Inheritance with Trees Causing Morgellons


Part 1 and 2 of:
Horizontal Inheritance with Trees and Toilet Paper
Causing Morgellons Fibers

The GM tree contains pesticides that have been injected into its genetics. The pesicides are in place to kill various tree insects that are predators to these trees, however, the pesicides do not work due to the insects becoming immune, leaving live insects in their various stages inside the tree.

The ‘BT’ bacillus thuringiensis that is found naturally in the soil creates what is known as "Bt-toxin" which leeches into the root system and alters the composition of the microbal community in the soil – these bacteria are picked up and distributing it, throughout the entire eco-system of the tree.

"Growing information suggests that BT crops can produce allergies and respiratory illnesses in human beings. In a recent study by the Director of the Norwegian Institute for Gene Ecology, found evidence of disease in humans was triggered by an immune reaction to bt-toxin in Phillipine farm workers living near a field of BT modified corn. Because tree pollen can travel for hundreds of miles, genetically modified trees could have quite an effect on human health."

In the paper cleaning process – it is known that the pesticide cannot be ‘washed’ from the tree when getting the tree/paper ready for production into toilet paper because the pesticide is a living gene that’s part of the tree.

By using toilet paper – through either:
1. By airborn vectors, the snapping of the toilet paper releases the fibers or pathogens to be breathed, the fibers and/or other pathogens go to the lungs and then systemically to other organs.

2. The fibers and other pathogens when they come into contact with the blood – can possibly ‘jump’ directly into the blood stream – as one who might use toilet paper to stop a bleeding cut? The toilet paper is used to blow or wipe the nose with, and in this process, the fibers enter the nasal passages and/or the lungs? From the lungs – the fibers become systemic.

3. Direct contact with the skin in the anal or nasal regions and also, more than likely – with a possibly a break in the skin, such as where a bleeding hemorroidal condition might exist, or a bleeding nose? Or, the fibers and other pathogens are introduced into the skin if direct contact is made for any length of time – such as putting toilet paper in your ears, as one might do with an ear ache, adding a solution, and then using toilet paper to plug the ears. The pathogens are introduced into the blood stream or lungs and become systemic this way.

Morgellons victims who have had long-term signs and did not necessarily catch theirs from someone who is known to have it – might have had hemorroids in the past, an eczema condition inside their the ears, or signs of lung conditions such as a COPD diagnosis prior to evident Morgellon symptoms, as something in common?

Also, to cover all bases – we could introduce another pathogen that could be hidden in our bodies such as a nematode parasitic condition that is the ‘magnet’ that causes the toilet paper pathogens to ‘jump’ into the human body when one of these above conditions are met? Also, an insect bite from certain species could be a ‘trigger’ that causes Morgellons to be evident. That the pathogens from the toilet paper may lie dormat inside all of us – awaiting this ‘other’ trigger to happen to cause Morgellons to appear. Also, other natural pathogens such as certain fungus that are found in trees, could be a factor/s involved during this processing into toilet paper.

There is an ‘attractant’, magnet-like, electrical, biological relationship between one of the already existing components/pathogens, in our bodies – and with the fibers in toilet paper, that causes the fibers to ‘jump and start a life cycle’ in the human body, and that causes the fibers to change into a ‘life form’, if it wasn’t already one before, the fibers seem to have a nano-programmed nature about them. That the fibers in toilet paper are GM modified, and their creator was not aware of the possiblities when various other sets of conditions come into contact with their fiber-creations? Or, the fibers knowingly contain a form of programming that causes them to reproduce, twist, and take on other known, reported and recorded Morgellons fiber characteristics.

There is a symbiotic relationship between the pesticides, nematode, BT, the pine pollen, and the fibers, that was not known to science that could happen, if these 5 condtions were met to create evident Morgellons in a human.

The black ‘seed’ specks – could be as reported by the site – parasitized pine pollen, indicating that the insect pathogens involved are possibly from pine trees? Let us not rule out that they might be emissions from a nematode either emitting its galls or using the ‘BT’ and creating "BT galls" as a by-product or the galls are simply from the Bacillus Thuringiensis or another of the bacillus family?


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  1. You are on to something. Not only have I been treating myself for morgellons but find pine pollen that comes out of my skin when cleansing. Thank you for the confirmation.

    Comment by Sherri | July 1, 2009 | Reply

  2. If you take BT to its most common element it is Anthrax. Anthrax being put in our foods and our seeds. This is pretty sickening what Man has allowed to perpetuate.
    “Off the Backs of Many a Few have prospered”. God Help us all.

    Comment by Trisha Springstead | July 8, 2009 | Reply

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