Morgellons Researchers

Pine Pollen – The Black Specks in Morgellons?


"This caused a reaction after 3 to 4 days consisting of conjunctival injection and mild vitreous haze.

" Pine pollen, stained and photographed under a microscope, looks otherworldy. But those wings help it fly through the air to get to pine cones where it helps ensure next year’s young pine trees."



"Seeds: Compressed, obovoid; body ca. 5 mm, black (infertile seeds often mottled pale to red-brown), wing 10-14 mm."

"Pinus contorta is fire successional over most of its range and is characterized by prolific seeding and high seed viability in disturbed habitats"


These articles show where genetic modifications have been made to pine pollen:

When attempted to be removed from under the skin with one’s fingers – these pine pollen ‘seeds’ have a numbing effect on the fingers. Is this a normal characteristic for pine pollen or is it a characteristic of a separate agent that coexists with the pollen?


Note:  When viewing all microscopic photos of the Morgellons seeds, specks, etc., after this article was printed – NONE resembled Pine Pollen.


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