Morgellons Researchers

Wood pulp products related to Morgellons?

I wasn’t aware that certain bandages contained wood pulp, but, it doesn’t surprise me. I recommend that until we know more – that we avoid ‘fiber’ products all together when we can. With Q-tips, they make a synthetic material product, which I don’t know, at this time, if this is a better product than cotton or what these synthetic fibers look like under microscopy?

Maybe I can look soon and report what I see, or someone else might do this that comes along? We’re looking specifically for a positive ID to be at least 4 florescent appearing fiber colors, usually red, blue, orange, yellow, purple, etc. which can presently be seen upon minimal microscopic magnification of our fluffier toilet paper brands.

I hear of people taking a good combination of prescribed drugs for their Morgellons and they have reported that they start feeling better right away, the drugs appear to work for a short time and then – they are sick again. This might indicate that we can possibly re-contaminate ourselves by re-introducing the Morgellons fiber products, especially, during or after treatment – and that’s a factor in why some of us can’t seem to get completely well?

I haven’t looked at other products known to contain fibers under microscopy yet to verify the existence of these mentioned colorful fibers, but, I suspect there must be other products?

I think your arthritis could be related to Morgellons somehow.  What’s unusual sounding to me is that, you have some sort of ‘growth’ that won’t heal and is going to require surgery to remove it, characteristics of certain Morgellons lesions. When the surgeons remove this object, have them save it for visual and microscopic inspection to see if it resembles known Morgellons? And, I wouldn’t use any wood pulp products as dressings, until we know more.

Yes, I’ve heard about the Chinese silk worms and cotton worms here in the U.S., at one time – being visible in clothes from other people’s postings.

Like I stated earlier, the Morgellons pathogens that might be coming from our toilet paper could be in our bodies – and some other, outside factor comes along to kick it in to become evident? I personally believe there is some type of worm or nematode involved with certain Morgellons types.


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