Morgellons Researchers

Horizontal Inheritance with GM Trees Part 8


Part 8 of:
Horizontal Inheritance with GM Trees and Toilet Paper
Causing Morgellons Fibers and Disease


This is a quick video below on recombinant DNA. You may ask, ‘What the heck is that? We didn’t sign up for a biology, chemistry, physics class here, nor to have to go out and buy microscopes and learn all this stuff’. And, I feel the same way, too.

However, we’ve been forced to stop and look at Morgellons – because, no one else is. And, if we can collectively figure out what’s happened from what we know to be true and what’s happening to our bodies and can relay that to someone who can understand it or do something about it – that is why we are here. We need answers and hopefully can lay out something intelligent to take to our scientists?

I understand the nature of man. Man learns something, like, how to splice a gene and then that knowledge is not enough. Man has to go further to try and add something new to the equation. In science, you gain fame from discovering new things. A process or a new species that might have your name on it? Wow!  That’s one of the highest awards you can achieve…

Not to say that this part of my theory is easily proved or translated to someone that they might understand, but, it makes sense that something in this second video below has happened here. We have the "BT" agrobacterium going out of control inside the tree to the point of becoming a "BT toxin", as we learned in the last tree video we watched. And, the nature of our lesions resemble round, black BT ‘buttons’. You remember from your high school biology where bacteria make another one of themselves when they reproduce, one turns into two, two into four, etc.?

Ok. What are these forest geneticists trying to do by modifying genes? Well, they are trying to alter the wood to make it softer so that in the pulp making process, they don’t have to use as much of the chemicals that helps break the wood down into pulp. That these chemicals they use are not beneficial to the environment and this sounds like a worthy mission? However, if the pollen from one of these weaker wood trees pollinates a natural tree and so on… what effects will weaker wood trees eventually have on all trees of that type? And, the number one question should be – what affect will the pollen of this modified tree have on man and let us not forget – the bees?

And, what else are they trying to do? They are trying to kill the tree’s enemies – bugs. We’ve all noticed there is a ‘bug-like’ quality to our Morgellons? Well – who knows what they’ve done? If they can take fish genes and splice them and put them in trees, and I ask, why on earth would they do that to begin with? I have noticed that there are some marine (from the sea) parasite qualities to Morgellons, I don’t know if this is a coincidence that these parasites have Morgellons characteristics or not? But, the only parasite I can find that creates a biofilm is a marine parasite.

However, bacteria can also create a biofilm, but bacteria, aren’t necessarily considered parasites? This is where we need an advanced biology person to come in here to look and comment.

You’ve heard where some have commented that our DNA has been hijacked? What does that mean? I’m theorizing that one of our ‘stairs’ has been changed or a new stair has been added, I think this very short video can help you understand it a little better:

And now… I’m suggesting that "Bt" or “Bs” is the ‘carrier’, of this new ‘stair’.

You see, they have taken something that’s found in nature – ‘BT’, that is "GRAS" (generally regarded as safe) and modified it – to where it is not safe any longer, and we’re living proof of that. Why? Because man can’t leave well enough alone, our curious, God-given nature dictates that we have to experiment and branch out further than we ever did before.


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