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To my advantage or disadvantage, I have an outer ear lesion that is in a state that makes it obvious as to what’s happening inside my Morgellons, possibly more than other folks might be aware?  From what I have described and from feedback received on the various ear support threads, my situation is, so far,  unique.  This is not the open-type lesion that looks like a sore.  It’s the pinna and lobe part that keeps  endlessly producing what I have called, ‘debris’ in the past, for a lack of knowing. It has a line or a linked chain that goes up the length of the pinna in a polymerization process.  This chain is actually raised up and easily seen and felt.

My ear does not appear to have much blood in it, mostly debris, no matter how hard I try or what I use, these debris particles are quickly replenished.   I have sought out many doctors in various specialties and have yet to be somewhat examined, I have asked for diagnostic tests to be run, this request has been ignored.  In fact, my main primary care physician has asked me to find another doctor.

As a people who have been in need of answers, support, and treatments, we’ve had nowhere else to turn but to the Internet and this fact giving doctors a reason to further reinforce our condition as being mental… a doctor actually stated to me that Morgellons is, ‘An Internet Disease’, doctors have used various methods of intimidation to continue to patronize us as patients.  

From not being able to find remedies, not knowing the exact cause and my situation seeming unique from the various Internet sites along with my hobby interest in microbiology of 13 years, I decided to culture my lesion debris and that of others for comparisons, overall, I have documented twenty some experiments, using six different people’s lesion samples and hundreds of hours of research to draw my conclusions from.

My methodology has been very simple.  I take dried lesion particles from the inside of the skin and place them directly into the Petri Dish, no blood is involved, I used nutrient agar as my culture medium and photographed directly into the Petri Dish using 100x in most cases, with a fairly inexpensive microscope.  At this time, no other researcher has come to the exact same conclusions that I have nor have any used the same methodology either, Carnicom is showing some of the same images that I am, but he is using different terminology.

My background is not in the biology sciences, it is in Computer Science, naturally, I am trained to use logic and flowcharting skills in problem solving.  Morgellons is a complicated disease, and of course, I’ve made some mistakes in identifying some of these cellular entities along the way.  When I first started microscopically viewing the Morgellons samples, it was like viewing a ‘three-ringed circus’.  Here’s my first YouTube of my cultured lesion debris showing this very complicated world, I ask for microbiology help here, this is March 2009, the main pathogen was mis-identified as ‘Crypto’  here:


(will be continued…)


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  1. Morgellons Attacks Teenagers Too;
    Danny Shares His Story of How He Got His Life Back
    Dear fellow Morgellons victims,

    I’m writing on behalf of all the young people and the elderly with Morgellons who have been shunned, criticized, and outcasted by society thinking we suffers of this horrible disease are crazy. I personally knew absolutely nothing about this disease until I came home from school one day of September 2007 and noticed granule-like crystals on my hands. I also noticed clear fibers that appeared to be coming out of my hands as well. I went to the computer and typed in “black crystals on hands?” or something to that extent. I stumbled upon a few websites that had details of Morgellons symptoms and the blue, black, clear, and red fibers with granules coming out of hands, body, and or hair. I didn’t automatically assume I have this disease after a couple months of thorough personal research I had whatever this bizarre disease was. Every single symptom I had matched everything I read. I had everything from the physical identification of Morgellons right down to all the mental and cognitive disorders of Morgellons; brain fog, I slept constantly, depression, insomnia at night (slept all through the days), lost a lot of weight, everything aliment you could imagine I had. But by far the worst symptoms was the anxiety that would come out of nowhere, it literally felt like I was even in my body at times.

    It began to slowly but surely rule my life. I noticed the fibers everywhere in my home, friend’s homes, family member’s homes, these fibers were everywhere but I was one of the only that had symptoms to this extent. My friends and family had the fibers on there body and hair as well. My friends were the only ones who believed me about the fibers and knew I was sick. I tried to express to my mother and stepfather what was going on but surely my mother thought I was loosing my mind which I can completely understand because of how bizarre this disease sounds to the layman. Finally after convincing my mom I had this disease I stumbled upon a website called “NutraSilver”. My mother personally thought I was crazy but my stepfather said “whether its in his head or not we can see if this helps”

    So my stepdad bought a bottle of NutraSilver and it came with another for free. The first night I tried the NutraSilver I had to lie down in bed with my mother I trembled so bad. When I woke up the next morning I felt slightly better. I started to use the NutraSilver a couple times a day and just put some drops in my daily routine of drinking water. Everyday progressively got better, I started to forget completely about Morgellons and live my life. It ruled my life, I am an 18 year old male (at the time I was 17). I also stumbled across an amazing doctor and friend named Dr. Susan Kolb. I found her website when I was researching about Morgellons and even though I lived many states away and was very embarrassed I deciding to just call her and tell her what was going on. She talked to my parents, talked to my family and tried to express to them that this is a real disease. Still after all of that they still did not believe. She gave me great tips to get slowly but surely better as well. I slowly started being able to go to school more and focus more on my life. Everyday with NutraSilver and Dr. Kolb’s advice made everyday easier to get through. As last summer came along (2008), I was very confident I was Morgellons-free. I completely forgot about the disease and was able to live my life.

    I moved into a new home, had a new life ahead of me and I felt like my life was finally back, unfortunately I ran out of NutraSilver around September of 2008 and was unable to purchase it again with the lack of my finances. I stopped using it all together. Around November or December my symptoms started coming back fully. I had brain fog again, depression, anxiety, fatigue; the fibers were coming out of my skin again. I was once again infected. They were around my new home and in my hair and body once again. I talked to Doctor Kolb at least once a month to keep her updated. With her help I personally discovered some things that helped in the mean time until I could get another credit card to purchase NutraSilver once more. My symptoms got so bad living at my new home I finally ended up moving back into my mother’s house where I first discovered I had Morgellons. I still felt horrible, I discovered something called Trilogy Cardio Essentials in my fridge that mom used to lower her blood pressure and things of that nature. It was recommended by someone who also used silver on a daily basis that ran a herbal store down the street from me. So I took a couple swigs every day unknowing the effect it would have on me. The next day I glanced at my hands after I was out of the shower. I noticed the fibers purging out like I had seen with NutraSilver; it was very scary.

    I am still drinking it and it helps just as NutraSilver has. I have used many things to help with this horrific disease but I can honestly say NutraSilver, Dr. Bronners, and Trilogy Cardio Essentials has helped the most by far.
    I’m sick of people ignoring this disease; even doctors are ignoring it. I know there are so many people that are struggling with this disease everyday, and I truly desire for them to live their life and again and take back what’s rightfully theirs.

    My life is finally coming into view again, and I literally owe my life to a man named Russell at NutraSilver and a wonder Doctor by the name of Susan Kolb. I have never met a person so dedicated to seeing their patients or customers get better than Dr. Kolb
    Without their help, guidance, and advice I’m not too sure how long I could have held out with all the depression and anxiety.
    My final advice to any man, women or child with Morgellons is get NutraSilver, have a positive mind-set and lives your life again; I don’t want anyone to go through what I have been through with anxiety and depression.

    Daniel W.

    I will list my personal protocol for Morgellons;
    Dr. Bronners Lemon Castile Soap ( you can use it for toothpaste, hair, body, lotion anything you can think of even laundry)
    Acai berry
    Borax laundry detergent.
    Air Filter
    Trilogy Cardio Essentials.

    Comment by Danser | September 27, 2009 | Reply

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