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Flies and Gnats in our Environment


I have told my story about how I made the discovery of the capsids in Petri Dish growth cultures turning into live fungus gnats as shown in my blog article ”The Life Cycle of Morgellons”.

This summer has been a time of discovery and observation.   After reporting my observations, a bag of potatoes was purchased in which a couple of unusual events happened around it.  I usually keep my potatoes in the refrigerator, probably not the best practice for potatoes, but has become more of a habit over the past few years in my home for various reasons.    Anyway, the bag was left out on the kitchen counter and the plastic tie that holds the bag shut was broken, the bag was left in a slightly open position so that any insects in the environment could easily make the potatoes their home.

I started noticing fungus gnats in my house shortly after eating from the potatoes the first time, when the bag tie was noticed to be broken.  I thought that the source of the gnats in my home was from the sink drain, which still could be, not realizing that they were coming from the bag of potatoes.   

I have been under attack since… here it is over a month later and I am still fighting their presence.  My Morgellons symptoms have gotten worse in this time also.   I have killed many gnats and scoped a few to show that they are carrying capsids and emitting filaments and we can assume that they are depositing these particles in our environments.  Here is a photo below of a gnat that I killed and scoped immediately:

Below is a photo of a filament that I am positive that was dropped by a gnat that was flying around me onto my computer screen, it was lifted with tweezers onto a new slide and scoped:


Here is an abstract below that supports this finding:

Differential toxicity of carbon nanomaterials in drosophila: larval dietary uptake is benign, but adult exposure causes locomotor impairment and mortality.

… that the combination of adhesion and grooming can lead to active fly borne nanoparticle transport.”

My Gnat Invasion Continues…

We had a record amount of rainfall this summer along with my gnat invasion, I didn’t want to ‘bomb’ my house since they only appeared as one gnat at a time, one after another, it seemed.   It took me a while to realize that from the heavy rainfall that it had caused the rain water to collect in the track of my sliding glass door and there was a pool of standing water from the outside to the inside that was collected there.    This was another place that the gnats were likely hatching from that I was unaware.

I contracted open lesions again after not  having them for months, my Morgellons symptoms got generally worse, any progress I  had made in the past toward wellness seemed negated.   Being in the South, we  typically walk through our homes with shorts on and sometimes barefoot, I obtained a sensation with the gnats present, that my rugs and carpets now had a ‘spiderweb’ feel to them and that something web-like was brushing against my legs as I walked through my house.  I could now see Morg fibers in my environment when in the past, I had not noticed them.

There is a small convenient store nearby that I shop at because it is closer than the bigger stores.  I noticed this summer that they had quite a few flies flying around in the store, more than I had noticed in the past.  I see a rack of over-ripe bananas that the gnats are swarming.  They replace these bananas in the next day or so with fresh ones, the gnats are still there, lighting on the new ones.  In another, bigger store nearby, there’s a dead fly on the salsa shelf. 

Knowing this is happening naturally has to make me wonder, what do these gnat nanoparticles loose in our environments mean to us as healthy people, and especially how does this affect someone with evident Morgellons?


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  1. I read youe article and wanted to say I got infected with the fungus gnats a few months ago. They seem to be hatching out of me. I am thinking of trying neem. What have you tried?

    Comment by shirley dobbins | October 28, 2009 | Reply

    • Hi Shirley,

      Yes, they could be hatching under your skin, I have seen several specimens of live insects that have come from under people’s skins. My lesions got to the larvae state once, approximately a year ago, not to negate it – it was one of the most horrific things that I’ve ever experienced. I am currently dealing with lesion ‘debris’ mostly, specks, spheres, crystals, etc., which I haven’t found much of anything that makes it stop nor slow down. I took several rounds of Ivermectin and health food store anti-parasiticals and some Silver during the time the larvae were happening. There are many anti-parasiticals to choose from and they seem to have some affect on them when they get into this ‘live’ stage.

      Jo is our micro-fly expert and has a very helpful thread to help us decipher when to use her methods. It is at:

      Jo is suggesting peppermint oil, ethanol (hand sanitizer ingredient), and Grapefruit Seed Extract on the skin in the affected areas… Neem Oil is also something that has proven to be helpful with some. I believe they must have applied the Neem Oil at a time when they were having the larvae or live insects present in order to get such good results?

      Comment by Kammy | October 30, 2009 | Reply

  2. Fungus gnats and phorid flies are frequently confused because of physical similarities. Phorids are domestic flies that live closely with humans and are parastitic during larval stages 1-3. They stop parasitization at the prepuparium. The gnats are specific feeders and do not parasitize.

    I agree with Morgellons UK the disease is a micromyiasis. I claim the agents are phorid fly larvae, particularly the first instars which can invade every type of epithelium. My best guess is the phorid Megaselia scalaris is responsible.

    Old Morgellons was an unidentified myiasis. June 22,1946, the British Medical Journal published an article on page 962
    Myiasis, Fillans and the Morgellons, in which the authors
    accuse the myiasis fly hypoderma as the specific cause of the old disease.

    Hypoderma is too dramatic an infection to be the obscure
    modern day Morgellons. Therefore, in order to satisfy the
    poorly characterized disease of today, I blame phorids.

    The infection is superficial and sloughs off for the most part. If it is sufficiently embedded, it can be scratched out.

    Thank you.

    Comment by Sheila O'Leary | November 13, 2009 | Reply

  3. I am looking for advice please. Our office at work had many plants, and we also had many small flies, possibly phorid flies. (Small black fly with black and white stripey abdomen). The flies didn’t seem to bother anyone esle except me. I have several bites and have not healed in over five months. I have now got rid of most of the plants and no longer see the original flies. However, I itch, mainly around my eyes, nose and ears. It sometimes feels like there is something moving in my eye or up my nose but I have never seen anything. I have recently felt what I thought was a hair or spiders web around my computer, but again, haven’t seen anyhting. I recently had an eye examination and nothing untoward was picked up. Want to go to the doctors but am weary of telling him that I see “invisible flies”! My partner has now picked up the same symptoms with bites on her leg and back of her head, so I must have infected our home. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Comment by Andy | April 28, 2010 | Reply

    • omg ive had this happening to me for about six months now!!! i too am super excited to hear that im not alone in this. it started while i would be trying to sleep morning or night. a fly would land by my ear or my nostril. soon there after id feel something crawling up my nose and it would be very very irritating. then id feel and hear clicks that i always thought were the sound of something bitting through a membrane or something like that. it felt like it was in my sinuses or my eardrum. and i have noticed a good amount of hearing loss since it started. i finally started looking into it today because i felt the pops and clicks happen in my brain area and im really scared about it. i feel like their moving in my skull and ive definitely felt
      them in my eyesockets underneath my eyes too

      Comment by Sam | February 20, 2011 | Reply

      • Hi Sam,

        Of course, I’m supposed to say – see your doctor first.

        I haven’t heard anyone say that they thought theirs was moving ‘in their skull’ – maybe, under the scalp… get some pump nasal sprays – ‘X-clear’ and colloidal silver and use them at the same time in your nose and eyes. Yes, you can spray these nose sprays, found at your local health food stores, into your eyes and ears too. You should get immediate good results – in the meantime, experiment with various fungal shampoos to see if you can get your scalp under control. Maybe, taking some anti-parasiticals might help too?

        Comment by Kammy & Katinka | February 25, 2011

  4. I’m so happy to know that I’m not the only one experiencing these symptoms.Its been going on about 2 years now.I have the exact symptoms as Andy feeling like something is crawling in my nose and something moving around in my eyes.I’ve tried neem but its not working.Please someone help because this is starrting to take a toll on my life,because it makes me not want to be around anyone because I have invisible flies around me and I know I’m not imagining things cause it happens in any new environment.Then I notice people swatting when their around me and it makes me think that sometimes I don’t even notice them.Its really embarassing!!!Someone has to have a remedy for this.And what type of doctor would you consult with without them thinking that your crazy????

    Comment by kay | October 11, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Frootsie, I’m not exactly sure, but think you’re talking about two different aspects? One is you feel that you have something crawly in your nasal passage and eyes and the other is that there are ‘invisible flies’ that you see around you, at times or all/most the time? Please clarify about the frequency?

      Of course, I am not a doctor and they should be sought out first to diagnose and treat you. What has helped some people, and we’re all slightly different as to what we respond to, is to use a saline-based nose spray. You can add 1 drop of tea tree oil to it or any nasal spray. What I used was a silver-based and xylene-based nose spray together, I also sprayed them in my eyes at the same time I was spraying my nose. These are found at health food or vitamin stores.

      Comment by Kammy | October 12, 2010 | Reply

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