Morgellons Researchers

What’s Up With Our Hair?


I’ve had this ‘beauty mark’  since birth, yes, it’s right there on my chin next to my beautiful lips…

Here it is!

just like the ones the movie stars used to draw on with those pencils and of course, those others with natural born beauty such as myself…

Well… invariably when I first started having evident Morg symptoms, and one of the symptoms is mystery, wild, white and black hairs that start popping out of our bodies in random places, including from our beauty moles or marks. 

Several years ago, there was one black wild hair that appeared, and then sometime afterward, there were two… one black and the other white, and now, it’s up to four… two of each.  Tonight while plucking them out, I decided to take a look with the scope.

I photographed a black one first.  I suppose this is the root end…?  must be, the other end is narrower…

Immediately, I notice plant-like shoots coming from the hair stem…

My hair looks more like a tree branch…

This is the other end:

Then I pulled out a white one…  immediately under the scope, there was movement inside the shaft!! 


I quickly changed to movie mode, in the time it took to change the software around, you can see where this area has filled up.  See the white spot in the photo above, use that as a reference, this is the movie below:

What has happened to our hair… is there something now living in our hair shafts?  !!!

My beauty… gone…

gone with the wind… oh Rhett!!…


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