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Foods Affecting Morgellons?


As some of you know, I started looking at certain products and foods a while back to see if any of them matched the objects I was seeing microscopically.  One of the first foods I looked at was rice after finding a dark, seed-like particle in the grains as I was preparing to cook it.  I will put some of those photos at the end of this article.

Pineapple – Non Organic

Recently, I was eating some diced pineapples from a can in a bowl and in the juice, I noticed what looked like a very small splinter, possibly a piece off of the outside part of the pineapple that I am sure I have seen such a splinter before and not think much of it.  I decided to look at it under the microscope on a slide,  I didn’t take any photos at that time but ended up putting this piece in a Petri Dish to see what would develop.

These following photos show a few days progression of this ‘splinter’ piece:

I did not come back and photograph this object for a couple of days… these first photos represent 2 days growth in the Petri Dish with nutrient agar @100x:

What is odd is that this splinter piece started out as one piece, it now was two… two objects are side by side.

I have drawn a white dotted line down the center of where the objects are.  Initially, the part on the right only was seen:

I can’t say for certain yet, but it looks like this splinter is a capsid of sorts and some sort of baculovirus expression has come out of it?  Looking closer at the bottom photo:


The object to the left of the splinter, appears to have head and tail end, this is photographed from the head to the tail end:

On day 4, a sphere appears to the left and above this what is appearing to be a baculovirus:


Day 5:


Day 9, definitely looks like a baculovirus is forming:






continued later…

Bananas – Non Organic

Wondering about bananas because of the obvious attraction by fungus gnats and having a couple laying around, I decided to look at them.

The Outer Skin

I took a serrated knife and scraped the outside skin of a banana that  has some brown spots forming, at 100x on a slide:

The Inner Skin

Peeling the banana and scraping the inside skin onto the slide and spreading the matter, at 100x, the carbon capsids are becoming evident:

The Inside ‘Meat’ Part:

Carrots – Non Organic

I scraped the outside of bagged carrots purchased the day before and put on a slide @ 100x:

Milk – Non Organic

I pour some milk from a new carton into a small  glass and then pour directly from this glass onto the slide.  I immediately see a fiber/nematode-like entity in the milk sample on the slide @100x.

You can see the particles of the milk are moving and this might cause the fiber to move.  I decide to make a movie of it:

There are some other fiber-like ‘entities’ in the milk on the second sample photograped:


A seed-like particle was seen in a newly opened bag of cooking rice, I decided to culture it in agar, this Day 1:


Day 2

The red and blue hyphae  fungus start growing:




Day 4 The fungus is thick:



Day 5



Day 13, Baculoviral capsids have formed:





Day 14:





Day 39:






To be continued…


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