Morgellons Researchers

Baculovirus In Our Vaccines


They have successfully experimented with putting the baculovirus in the flu vaccines in the recent past:

"In the study conducted by Treanor, together with colleagues at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the University of Virginia, scientists tested a vaccine called FluBlOk that is made by Protein Sciences Corp. of Meriden, Ct. FluBlOk relies on a virus known as baculovirus, which normally infects insects, to churn out the key components of the flu virus in a cell line drawn from caterpillars."

"Bypassing Eggs, Flu Vaccine Grown in Insect Cells Shows Promise

April 10, 2007

An experimental flu vaccine made in insect cells – not in eggs, where flu vaccines currently available in the United States are grown – is safe and as effective as conventional vaccines in protecting people against the flu, according to results published in the April 11 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association." [1]

We have seen that they already are putting fullerenes (carbon balls that are in the Squalene) in vaccines… and now baculovirus… our latest vaccine that costs us $25 apiece @125 million produced… let’s see… that’s $3,125,000,000 (billion dollars) in sales versus a few thousand people that could be having some sort of "skin reaction" to something that might  be in the vaccines?

The Baculovirus may be a wonderful thing in today’s vaccines however my complaint, and it should be yours too, is that at some time – someone was experimenting with the baculovirus and fullerenes and made a mistake. We have these very foreign particles inside of us, in our blood, in our organs, evidently ravishing our digestive systems with some… and we want all aspects of these particle pathogens removed out of our systems, we want to be somewhat normal human beings again. How can you make something in a lab, put it in our food/water supply that might infect a person, and not have an antidote? No, a better question is;  How can you be allowed to put the Morgellons pathogens into our food/water/air/insect supply in the first place and turn it loose for us to unknowingly  eat, drink, breathe and come into contact with?

If we smoke cigarettes, we might get cancer and have many adverse health problems associated with it – we know this… so, we can make the choice to smoke or not.  And… if we come down with lung cancer later in life, we can’t complain too much and especially say, ‘I didn’t know, if I had known, I would have made better choices…’. With Morgellons it appears that all you have to do is eat certain foods, drink your tap water, get stung or bitten by an insect that some student, soon-to-be future scientist, has modified at a near-by university and set loose… or go outside after a chemtrail emission… basic things that we have to do in order to survive has put our entire future good health at risk. We have to eat, drink water, breathe the air and be able to go outside without our good health being constantly compromised, we have no choices in these basic living matters.

That is the difference in smoking and Morgellons, we don’t have a single clue that certain things are in our environments that might be wrong for us to choose to avoid.  Give us some warnings, like on the side of cigarette packettes, let us know that this product contains fullerenes, micelles, nano, baculovirus, etc. so that we can have some control over our health, let us know that it’s a heavy chemtrail spray day so that we can make choices to stay inside or to keep our car windows rolled up, and don’t we have a right to know what’s in these emissions?  We are being adversely blind sighted from too many directions in a seeming fear of transparency on their part, why all the secrecy if there’s nothing to hide?

The cigarette manufacturers had to start putting warning labels on the product when it was proven that cigarettes caused certain diseases and they were sued because people said they didn’t have any warning. What’s the difference in today’s foods and what’s in them and how they falsely advertise and promote them as being something good for you without listing a single caution, just like they did with early cigarette ad campaigns?   

Most of us have been to our doctors many times to complain about our disease, and with most of us – we have been to see many different doctors… and with no to a minimal response from them, only because it seems they fear being sued for total malpractice. They don’t appear to have any interest in looking to see what’s wrong with us, when did this non-caring mindset amongst our doctors come about? Why do they have this attitude? Possibly because they know or suspect that the vaccines that they have been handing out are possibly one the culprits in our disease, that if they look closer – it might slow down  the current vaccine nanotechnology? That if they start uncovering, this might lead to looking closer at the FDA… DOA… EPA… CDC… NIH… why, we might even have to label our foods?

I suspect the way things work is that the vaccine makers can say… ‘well, they’ve been using fullerenes and baculovirus in our foods and water for years now and there doesn’t seem to be any adverse reactions… if there were adverse reactions – people would have reported it to their doctors and we’d know about it.’ Ha! What a joke we’re in the middle of! Doctors are known to be slightly above average in intelligence, we have to start appealing to this and their non-action and how it’s leading to the entire world’s future ill health. It’s perpetuating because they are refusing to listen and take us seriously as the first stop gap measure, when the doctors stop listening or caring about patients – our health system has failed.  We have put our trust in our doctors and they are violating their oaths, for whatever occult  reasons.  This avoidance to look at us is allowing whomever a green light to contaminate more and further, ‘it’s proven to be ok in our food and water, therefore should be ok in vaccines’…

If we have fullerenes, micelles, baculovirus inside of us as I am seeing, what does this mean to the Morgellons sufferer when more are added with the addition of a vaccination or eating heavy-laden foods with them in it, or drinking our unfiltered tap water?  And, why the baculovirus, and not a hydrogel sphere? They are speaking of the ACNPV (Autographia California Nuclear Polyhedron Virus) baculovirus in the article above, the shell of the sphere is made from the Autographia California moth or caterpillar.

If doctors or someone doesn’t step up to defend us soon… baculovirus will be in more consumables  – what’s next, baculovirus and/or fullerenes in your baby’s formula?   I’m almost afraid to look.



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