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Morgellons in Our Blood – Part 2… continued


A blood smear from the finger of someone with evident Morgellons directly into the Petri Dish.  Cultured on 10/5/09 in nutrient agar and photographed at 100x on 10/19/09.  These photos represent Day 14, the fungus has started to take off…the baculovirus are starting to occlude with polyhedron.

Day 14

The Role of the Fungus:

The fungus is starting to rapidly reach out and infects the baculoviral spheres, this is 10/23, it is the fungus that causes ‘infection’ and for the occlusions to start:

Day 18

10_23_38 10_23_17 10_23_18 10_23_19 10_23_20 10_23_21 10_23_22 10_23_23 10_23_24 10_23_25 10_23_26 10_23_27 10_23_28 10_23_29 10_23_30


I’m thinking that it takes contact with the fungus to ‘infect’ the baculovirus and create the polyhedron, which will be more evident in these next set of photos. 

Day 25

How The “Starships” Are Born:

I noticed that the oblong “Mother Starship” had given birth to the pointed-edge baby starships, these are the carbon, baculoviral  capsid that holds the GM fungus gnat larvae.  These were seen in human samples in other experiments, I called them “Starships”, photographed at 100x:

10_30_64 10_30_62 10_30_63

And here is one of these baculoviral polyhedron that has grown and seen in a human arm lesion sample Petri Dish and is also photographed at 100x:



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  1. Hey Kammy,

    Sounds like you might want to make certain that this guy

    get’s to see your site. According to the fairly non-commital posting on the CDC site the research is in his hands to decide how to proceed.

    Let’s hope it’s not swept under the carpet.

    Take Care,

    Comment by WyrmSpear | November 6, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thanks, Wyrm… I’ll look into this. Hope you’re doing ok?

    Comment by Kammy | November 7, 2009 | Reply

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