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Pineapple / Baculoviral Progression Study


I was eating a can of diced pineapples last month and saw a little, black ‘splinter-like’ object in the juice and decided to culture it in nutrient agar, it was initially 2-3 mm, it has been quite interesting to watch its progression in the dish.  I took quite a few photographs of it, so decided to dedicate a blog page to it.

I didn’t think too much of it being in the juice part of the pineapple, I’m sure I’ve seen something similar before? It appeared to be like the outside prickly part of the pineapple that had accidently gotten into the juice in the packing process somehow. 

Day 2

Cultured on 10/10, I photographed it at Day 2 on 10/12  in the dish, this is the top and bottom of the ‘splinter-like’ object.



What’s interesting is that next to this splinter is a c-shaped ‘entity’ that has appeared at Day 2, the initial piece put in the dish was just the ‘splinter’ or actually, it’s more like a quiver that holds arrows. 

This is the head of the larvae that has appeared at Day 2:


Its midbody:



And, its tail:



I am almost positive this c-shaped object  is a baculovirus with a larvae inside of it.  The splinter is a capsid that houses this larvae.  We will in later photos how this transpires.

Here are all the photos from Day 2 in their original sizes:

Day 4

 Day 6

Day 9

Day 13

In-between Day 9 and Day 13 we can now see the fungal growth starting to creep in.



Here’s all the photos from Day 13:

Day 20




Here’s all the photos from Day 20:

Day 26

Upon viewing this specimen last night, I see that the larvae has decided to separate itself totally from the ‘splinter’.  When we examine the ‘splinter/quiver’, it doesn’t show any signs that something came out of the side of it nor that anything was ever attached.




Here’s all the photos from Day 26:

Since this dish is starting to dry out and I am wanting this larvae to move into more stages, I put some bottled water into the dish to give it life.  I will continue to show its progress.


To be continued.


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    This is the update they promised. The one promising thing that I see is that out of their panel of experts, they handed the analysis to the Parisitology team versus the Psychiatry team. Soon it will be time for a bunch of closed minded naysayers to eat crow. I hope they clarify this soon. NIH psych’s were still putting out DOP meme as of Jan this year on Pubnet.

    I am quite concerned with the phrase

    “5. What findings can be communicated to the public, medical community, and stakeholder community?”

    What Stakeholders? The victims/sufferers? The labs responsible, the aerosol manufacturers?

    What is the BSC?

    Oh well… couple weeks from the end of the semester, trying to maintain focus. Next few years are going to be heavy duty, trying to balance the credits I need for each program. Thinking AAS in Biotech, with BS in Material Science/Nanotech. Whatever it ends up, it’ll be another 4 years of books to nose. 🙂 Adderall helps.

    Take care, your pineapple makes me want some dark rum…

    Comment by WyrmSpear | November 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. btw Kammy, do you have an e-mail associated specifically with this wordpress account? I’d love to chat with you w/o feeling so exposed to the web in general.


    Comment by WyrmSpear | November 8, 2009 | Reply

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