Morgellons Researchers

Red Wine Cultured by Itself


As requested by a reader, I cultured a red wine by itself  in a Petri Dishes with nutrient  agar in which, they are separate from each other in their individual dishes to see what their variables look like standing alone, the results are below:

Day 1 – Red Wine

The wine was poured from a new bottle, freshly opened, directly into the new Petri Dish with nutrient agar.  This is a Burgundy,  from California with sulfites.  These photos were taken right after the wine was poured on Nov. 6, 09, @ 100x – I see fibers, specks, and some sort of  ‘larvae-shaped entity’. 

Day 2

Nov 8 – 100x:  Not much is happening at this point:

Day 3

On day 3, Nov. 9, one of the fungal spheres has burst open and the white, fuzzy fungus identified by a group of Morgellons sufferers who all cultured their lesion debris in Petri Dishes, per visual identification, all have concluded that the Morgellons fungus is Rhizopus is apparent, there is other specks and fibers present also:

11_09_5 11_09_3 11_09_4

Day 4

Nov 10, the fungal sphere is starting to explode:


Day 6

Nov 12., We now see the ‘typical’ Morgellons pieces.  The fungus has a green top to it in the dish.



To me this experiment indicates that Carnicom had too many variables in his Petri dishes in the beginning of his ‘red wine swish test’ experiments.

I also have cultured another red wine, a more expensive one without sulfites going behind this one in potato agar.   I also cultured saliva by itself which showed interesting information.  I will be reporting on these soon.


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