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The Morgellons "Spaceships"

 Triclinic Crystal Clusters?…

Here is a stock photo of a triclinic crystal cluster:

I’ve written quite a few posts about the Morgellons "spaceships", not knowing what I am seeing – I had to call them something… they look like something out of a "Star Wars" movie, they look like they’re flying in the Petri Dish, and they seem to appear and disappear as if, they have movement.

All photos are from human lesion samples, 100x:


They appear metallic in nature, as if this is a charcoal pencil drawing with the added green color.  I have stated that I believe they are carbon-like from their appearance.

I have not studied them continuously, day to day… I photograph every few days, so – I have missed a lot of how they are formed and what they are doing in the scheme of things.  They don’t appear in the Petri Dish until approximately Day 20 or so… they are formed by the sphere coming into direct or quorum sensing contact with the hyphae of the fungus or from a ‘fiber’.


copyright Kammy 5 3 09


They first appear as ‘bumps’ on the main ‘big sphere’ believed to be a fungal spore?  But, not all of the spheres/spores do this.  Which might indicate that they are a part of the inside chemistry of the fungus?


They next appear to be resting on the sphere:

copyright Kammy 5 3 09 


I am not sure, but I believe this is a ‘spaceship’ being born from inside the sphere when it buds:


I have seen evidence of where they possibly could be being ‘born’ from the fibers themselves:

copyright Kammy  5 4 09

We see them intermixed with the hyphae of the fungus or scattered about randomly.  If they are conceived inside the spheres to me, this indicates movement.:

03_27_62 L Ear 100x Exp 2 - 2 28

Then they could be in this photo of where a sphere has exploded them out?:


They are never the same in appearance, but have some features in common.

The ‘Mother Spaceships’  can reproduce ‘Baby Spaceships’…

10_30_64 10_30_62 10_30_63

We will soon look at how these Morgellons "Spaceships" might be related to triclinic crystal clusters.


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