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Our Morgellons Spheres

 An Abiogenic Life Form?

When I take regular debris out of my lesion – the spheres start out looking like what I have described as a ‘biofilm’ – they are translucent in color and circular, such as this photo below, a little more translucent than this photo:

With saliva and one other time when I had a phosphate remedy on my ear that also entered the Petri Dish, they showed up as white circular growths that I described as looking like Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a Petri Dish when comparing it to online stock photos.

These dishes contain all white circular growths and NONE of the others, such as the greens, browns, blacks, greys, orange, white fuzzy, etc. growths that we’re seeing in most. Eventually – as noted in certain experiments – these ‘others’ will have appeared:


Our yeast/fungus has a biofilm involved, in the petri dishes it is a light to mustard yellow in color, you will see this on the bottom side of the dish in a couple of weeks time.

We’re looking for a fungus/yeast that starts out as translucent (like a biofilm), then turns to white circular cocci-shaped growth and then produces a yellowish biofilm as a by-product in a petri dish and I believe this same process is happening under our skin.

What’s been so confusing, and this is where Frito can help us by studying the progressions, is… that even though we’re starting with one sphere – there seems to be approximately 5 or more different characteristics that they end up with. They all don’t perform the same way.  Some of them stay spheres and allow the ‘spaceship’ (polyhedron) to land on them, some of them explode into a white fungus, some of them explode into a black/white fungus, some of them have ‘fibers’ laying on them or nearby in which they are appear to be quorum sensing with, some of them morph into ‘other’ different-looking spheres, and they reproduce in many different ways.

What I have described in the past as the ‘biofilm’ IS the main sphere. Out of the biofilm all things are created. It’s as if we have a multi-faceted combination of events occurring out of our spheres – such as a possible baculoviral, protozoa-like artifacts, our mystery fibers, some sprouting into fungi, some are occluding, others not, some are budding, others not… etc.

The main sphere is like a biofilm, I want to say it is more of a yeast than fungus – the main ‘yeast’ sphere LATER creates a fungi or mold from inside of it – it appears that our sphere has properties that it can incorporate many other ‘things’ that come along into its ‘system’.

This could explain why some of us have different symptoms… we all have this ‘Master Sphere’ in common and what it does is responsible for the three things we all have in common – the specks/spheres, biofilm and fibers, the cause of Morgellons – however, not all of us have been subjected to the same things in our environments and lives.

Our sphere is like a vacuum cleaner sphere that robs, sucks in, takes in, incorporates, morphing and creating… more and more variables within it. It’s the ‘house’ for everything.


When you spit into a Petri Dish, and look microscopically – what do you see? Spheres? No, we see the micelles – that we are all starting to capture in our photographs… but, we don’t see them being large like our big sphere – what do they turn into? I believe that our Master Sphere has to take on so much liquid, undergo chemical processes, temperature, time, and grow to a certain size before they start budding, dividing, etc.

You initially see ‘fibers’ and ‘specks’… these specks are not spheres.  There are some very small ‘micelles’ seen though, I believe I have shown that these eventually turn into our Master Spheres in observing them in the red wine culture experiment on my blog site.

Here’s a photo of Jeany’s saliva one day after, 100x:


And then on the 3rd day… as Frito said, look at the size these things can get to be in a hurry!…


Most of the fibers are gone, there was just one odd looking fiber left on day 3…

We’re looking for an invention that starts with a ‘fiber’ (worm micelle) that can ‘sprout’/create an adaptable, morphing ‘Master Sphere’. I believe it creates these spheres on a very small scale and start out as what is known as a sphere micelle. I don’t believe that the fungus/mold that we’re looking for is entirely a known fungus, it’s a hybrid that’s been manipulated to be created from out of the sphere and the ‘fiber’ was its origin.  Our Master Sphere is most likely something else… a yeast, a housing system, a larger micelle, that can hold fungi, mold, yeast, viruses, bacteria, and ‘others’.

I do believe from what we’re seeing, a ‘fiber’ that creates this Master Sphere is in certain red wine-making, cotton production and paper-making processes, it is in some areas of the country’s water remediation processing… that it is quite well-known and considered safe – if it is, then – why can’t we easily identify it?

A flowchart of what’s happening might look like:

Fiber –> Micelle –> Biofilm –> Yeast Cell ? –> Fungus/Mold/Others

So What Are Our Spheres?

I have called our spheres many different names – Lysosomes, micelles, vesicles, Hulle cells, fungal spores, Carnicom is finding hemoglobin…

This has been very puzzling to me – Why? Because what I proposed above defies the laws of nature. The laws of nature are…


(1) The process in which life forms arise from similar life forms.
(2) It asserts that living things can only be produced by another living thing, and not by a non-living thing.

Spontaneous generation

The previously popular notion that living organisms arise or develop from nonliving matter.


"In the natural sciences, abiogenesis, or "chemical evolution", is the study of how life on Earth could have arisen from inanimate matter. It should not be confused with evolution, which is the study of how groups of living things change over time." [1]

What I am theorizing, based on what I am witnessing in a Petri Dish with a microscope, is that Morgellons is utilizing Abiogenesis or a form of it, or some similar new, unheard-of science in our disease process.

Common sense tells us that if we have a chicken egg, and we hatch it – we’re going to get a chick – every time! We’re not going to get 5 different possibilities that might come out…!  (I am still not certain that some of us might not have more than one sphere involved.)

What our main sphere is – is of utmost importance in understanding our disease, only then will we be able to get a better handle on what has happened to us, what’s going on and how to manage it.





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