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Morgellons ‘Fibers’ Turn Into Spheres


Clathrin Coated Vesicles
Formed from Fibers

While studying this Chlamydia .pdf:

it opened a lot of doors for me – we now have names for some of the artifacts we’ve been seeing and proves some of the theory that we have proposed is most likely happening, such as; we have HeLa cells, photos to show this aspect later.

Figure 2.

"Fig 2. A Chlamydia trachomatis elementary body (EB) in the process of entry into a HeLa cell. Tannic acid stained to enhance visualisation of chlathrin. Note the clearly demarcated outer envelope of the EB and the surrounding membrane (m) of the vacuole. Also note how small the clathrin coated pit (ccp) is compared to the chlamydial endosome. The bar represents 0.1 microns."

We now have a name for our ‘carbon-looking balls’:


The ‘balls’ that are inside of the fungus gnat larvae @100x:


The same ones inside of our nematodes, Urine at 600x:


They are called a clathrin coated pit, labeled "ccp" in the diagram above.

If we research the clathrin coated pit, we see how certain  fibers form these spheres:

"Reconstitution of Clathrin-coated
Pit Budding from Plasma Membranes"

These photos show how certain fibers bend to form the circular vesicles:

Clathrin Coated Vesicles 

A diagram from the NIH at:


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