Morgellons Researchers

Morgellons ‘Fibers’ Turn Into Spheres


Clathrin Coated Vesicles
Formed from Fibers

While studying this Chlamydia .pdf:

it opened a lot of doors for me – we now have names for some of the artifacts we’ve been seeing and proves some of the theory that we have proposed is most likely happening, such as; we have HeLa cells, photos to show this aspect later.

Figure 2.

"Fig 2. A Chlamydia trachomatis elementary body (EB) in the process of entry into a HeLa cell. Tannic acid stained to enhance visualisation of chlathrin. Note the clearly demarcated outer envelope of the EB and the surrounding membrane (m) of the vacuole. Also note how small the clathrin coated pit (ccp) is compared to the chlamydial endosome. The bar represents 0.1 microns."

We now have a name for our ‘carbon-looking balls’:


The ‘balls’ that are inside of the fungus gnat larvae @100x:


The same ones inside of our nematodes, Urine at 600x:


They are called a clathrin coated pit, labeled "ccp" in the diagram above.

If we research the clathrin coated pit, we see how certain  fibers form these spheres:

"Reconstitution of Clathrin-coated
Pit Budding from Plasma Membranes"

These photos show how certain fibers bend to form the circular vesicles:

Clathrin Coated Vesicles 

A diagram from the NIH at:


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  1. What I keep seeing are copper rimmed spheres, and copper colored organisms that appear to have two extremely bright glowing “eyes”, that morph into these rims.
    I dropped muratic acid on a bit of nano-gel and watched as these organisms somehow floated away as spheres(!). I pondered that maybe this is a defense mechanism, that they are protected by the spheres – but I don’t know.
    Here’s what I DO know: After subjecting them to acid, then burning them with charcoal starter repeatedly, I can put the ash on a slide and watch the fibers move!!

    Comment by terry adams | September 14, 2010 | Reply

  2. Using the word “eyes” gives the medical community cart blanch to throw everything you say back under the umbrella of delusional thinking. Then you go on to use the verb “moving” relating to fibers. I am all too familiar with the fibers (commonly made by fungus),which are much finer than a hair. They get in and over everything and i have collected them and held them to a gas flame. They shriveled up immediately. When those fine fibers look like they are moving They are being moved by all the little currents of air around them,even your own breath. Untill we drop the personalized comments lndicating personalization of this disease, we will not be taken seriously . May i ask where and with what organization you are researching with. Finally, language is so important and how morgellons came by this name is part of the problem. We need to go with u.d.p…unidentified dermapathology for now; as they are doing in the pacific north west and oregon, where an unidentified fungus is reportable and open attempts being made to look into it and treat it. Doctors do not want to deal with a personalized disease that has already got a name. It implies that it has been researched and given the firsts researchers name.It immediately puts doctors on the defensive “so why don’t we know about it? ” Then they save face by saying we are delusional because we say it moves and has eyes. I have no doubt that this systemic disease is a fungus or mutated fungus,but until we talk political doctorese nothing is going to happen. Let them have their day and call it whatever they want. Just get a cure

    Comment by ben | December 16, 2010 | Reply

  3. Ben I waited an hour or so before responding to give myself time to calm down. I am battling an enemy who knows no boundaries when it comes to invading and wrecking my body – that can tend to make one a bit on edge.
    I wasn’t aware I was addressing the medical community when I commented on this site. I thought I was speaking to like-minded individuals who share an “illness” that the medical community, as a whole, tends to ignore.
    Ben did you catch the quotation marks around the word EYES? That means, if memory serves, that they are not eyes, per say, but resemble them – at least to me. I am seeing some very strange things, things which according to the premier industrial toxicologist in these United States, are images that are being sent at a specific frequency (88Mhz as I recall) to these abnormal bits of whatever are infesting my body.
    Responding to your comments and remaining calm and civil is very hard for me right now because these pathogens inside me are reeking havoc on my body and my mind. I have a short fuse these days, it goes along with the increasing in frequency (and volume) tone in my ears – that started as a “cricket orgy” (the doctors would LOVE that one-) and has grown into a raging distortion. I can’t rest, I have a fungal coating on my arms and legs that I can’t stop, and then to be chided by someone I don’t know, on a board that is supposed to be for fellow sufferers, is a bit much for me.
    These things DO move, I have seen it – the people I consult and do research with have seen it, and I have seemingly endless footage of it. If you don’t believe that then the “credibility” you seem to think so highly of – YOUR credibility – is suspect in my eyes.
    ..and as for who I work with – and what we do – that’s NFB – I am not comfortable revealing that to you-
    This stuff is NOT 100% fungal – there is a man-made function to this – THAT is where we are devoting most of our resources and time. I have found MME’s (verified) as well as numerous codes and words with this invader. I don’t think Mother Nature knows how to spell-

    Comment by T Adams | December 23, 2010 | Reply

  4. Terry Adams,how strange that people can talk in the same language and take away entirely different convictions as to what has been said. Wars have started over less. I have exactly the same condition as you describe and have had it through chemotherapy, radiation, and assorted i/v antibiotics after a neurosurgery. I am not of the medical community, and the content of my post is about not giving doctors ANY ammunition what-so- ever to turn patients away without observing the problem, taking a history of, or evaluating the condition. I contend for one point, that lab tests, which show no problems, are at fault for not having a broader base and wider application. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. My credibility comes out of having suffered from this unidentified dermatological pathology for 7 years,with no time off for good behavior. I thought you did well for someone who claims to be outraged. However as you name no names or any organization, there is nothing that can be checked out. Also,where I come from, we don’t talk abbreviations, without writing the meaning out in full somewhere in the text. Just remember you are not the only one suffering with this condition, and you are not the only one, who breaks sweat every day trying to work what it can possibly be, without any help from the american medical community, which is listed as #38 in quality of care by the World Health Organization! I wonder why. As for codes, invaders, 88Mhz, big green glowing eyes and natures spelling, I have no clue what this means and don’t have the energy to figure it out. Call it brain fog.

    Comment by ben | December 24, 2010 | Reply

  5. Ben – I have had this a long time too but it’s pointless to get into a pi%%^$g contest
    over who has what and for how long. As I tried to explain in my previous babbling, I expect the ability to be very candid on this site, as it is for US, the sufferers. I haven’t, nor would I EVER, tell a member of the medical profession what I am finding… I point them in the right direction and let them figure it out. The problem, as you may have mentioned (brain fog here as well), is IF THEY CAN’T PUT IT IN THEIR “BOX” they dismiss it and consider us whacko…
    Ben I assume (yeah, yeah…I know) that you have more than one type of fiber (worm). I have many different colors and types.. The really thin ones that you describe DO burn up immediately – actually I am finding that they combust with a bit of a sparkle.. They contain a small bit of silver which is combustable. Then there are the ribbon shaped ones, the striped ones, etc..etc.. the big copper looking ones are the ones I was speaking of regarding acid and fire..
    If you have time you can check out all of this via my YouTube channel – simply search “YouTube morgellons terracer”. Everything I have mentioned is featured on these vids-
    Lastly – because of what I believe is happening regarding “morgellons” and more importantly WHO I believe is responsible, I am VERY serious about who I let in on the who’s, what’s and where’s of my research. Assuming (..that’s twice-)you are legitimate I apologize for the rude three letter acronym – if you are not legit: I meant it!
    Have a great Christmas-

    Comment by T Adams | December 24, 2010 | Reply

  6. Lets see now. Seems agitated. Continues to joust with windmills. Thoughts processing around sparkling worms in contest with pigs. Questioning legitimacy of poster?? (my mummy said i had a daddy) Ends post with a somewhat paranoid flourish. Impression: severe agitated depressed, probably situational. Rx. Christmas pudding soaked in brandy, I hour meditation daily and lots of hugs from all.

    Comment by ben | December 24, 2010 | Reply

  7. My being agitated is hardly a revelation as I have said such repeatedly… This stuff tends to do that to me.. Does it not you? Please share your secret if it doesn’t – THIS inquiring mind wants to know.
    I don’t mean to spar with you or anyone for that matter.. I really don’t. To be honest I don’t have the energy.. Despite a few cans of “Red Bull” I remain devoid of any useful energy whatsoever… The fingers continue to work but they are in the minority these days…
    Can we try a different tact? What are you doing that helps? What vitamins are you taking? Have you tried any of the ionic stuff? I bought an ionic foot bath and the results are amazing-

    I appreciate the impromptu diagnosis.. Are you a shrink? ‘Ever harbored a desire to BE a shrink? The makings are there – I see ’em!

    The only thing legitimate about you that means anything to me revolves around this “disease”. I don’t know you, what you do, or if you are working an angle here. Stranger things have happened you know –

    Where’d pigs come from? I don’t have any swine.. that I know of, at least not yet..

    I don’t drink although I tried to for many years – I was just never really good at it..
    But thank you for the light hearted finish to your comments, it almost made up for the insults earlier-

    Have a great Christmas!

    Comment by T Adams | December 24, 2010 | Reply

  8. Terracer – I just went out to watch one of your youtubes… this one:

    We’re on the same page.

    Comment by Kammy & Katinka | December 24, 2010 | Reply

    • Thank you – I just want progress in this fight.. people are really suffering – myself included. The mental aspects of this monster are tearing me apart-

      Keep up the good work – believe me – it is very much appreciated..

      Comment by T Adams | December 24, 2010 | Reply

      • This is christmas eve and i don’t know why i keep coming back to this, Anyway, here’s the deal. The psychological stress of dealing with this disorder is intense, especially when the professionals who should be helping by taking control don’t . Therefore we have to deal with it ourselves. We all know about women in China having large surgeries under hypnosis, so here’s how i deal with crawling sensations. I am sitting on a rock looking at all the fields laid out like patchwork below. i am wearing a long chiffon scarf wrapped around my head and knotted under the chin. Cool breezes pass by and move the ends of the scarf gently over my arm. Thats it! No more tormenting myself with “crawling feelings” Another one is letting my mind take over the stuff surfacing on my skin. I think strongly that there is a byproduct in my body that needs to get out for my better health. These little techniques help me feel better. I refuse to be a victim in this. ‘ Ben’ is my main coon. Now I must get back to Christmas. Enjoy.

        Comment by ben | December 24, 2010

  9. fot t Adams happy new year. To end the itching i soaked in LL magnetic clay ev night for 2 months, then when i got an itching attack. I have had very little itching since. I mixed water and clay with a hand mixer, and plugged the bath with an ordinary english bath plug from the hard ware store. I then took a hot shower and used an exfoliating product and a squeegee, then a skin conditioning cream. This disturbs the biofilm (I never use the same towel twice) and I never pick the lesions (spreads them] Instead i apply ickthamol drawing salve and gently circle with a gloved finger to remove the black fungus stuff. As long as there is black
    stuff in the lesion it will not heal or will break down again. I apply 3 in one antibiotic cream(has nystatin in it). If some lesions are stubborn massage in glycerine. This will moisten the contents of the hair follicle. I use a a fur/lint roller to lift debris off the bottom sheet before you get in. There is a lot of other stuff but this is all i have time for now, Maybe this will work for you too. Cheers

    Comment by ben | January 6, 2011 | Reply

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