Morgellons Researchers

How Morgellons Is Formed



These photos show how certain fibers bend to form the circular vesicles:


A diagram from the NIH:….figure&id=A4895

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"This diagram from this website shows how the Morgellons fungi are most likely formed from our ‘fibers’:

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"Saccule sporifPre et spore d’Acaulospora rehmii
Sporiferous saccule and spore of Acaulospora rehmii
or exhibit a spore dimorphism with the combination of acaulosporoVd and glomoVd types"

"Spore of the glomoVd type (Glomus mosseae)"

"The organisms are characterise by a distinc molecular signature at the level of the SSU rRNA gene “YCTATCYKYCTGGTGAKRCG” corresponding to the homolog position 691 of the Jo1353 sequence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and specific to the taxon.
Families: Archaeosporaceae (Apendicispora, Archaeospora, Intraspora) and Geosiphonaceae (Geosiphon)"


This is also the genus and species of the fungi believed to be involved in Morgellons, photo comparisons to follow.


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  1. my name is sarah malo. i found something very interesting and i am curious to see how the medical profession reacts to it. and then again maybe it has already been ruled out… i was house sitting for my friend who has morgellons symptoms over Christmas. i was looking for dish soap and i found a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, 35% un 2014 and DMSO. now i just happen to know quite a bit about DMSO it is an absorbing agent and or a solvent, and i know that it can be used in gardening, ( well we do live in Humboldt county California after all) so i asked him about it. he said that the guy who owns the house was some kind of gardening genus and he had left it here. i looked up the combination of the to chemicals and found some interesting things about them and pulp mills and well we happen to have 3 pulp mills in eureka, also if the owner of the house was using this to grow his pot, then how many others have and or do, and how many people smoke it? DMSO requires heat and moisture the same 2 things you need for pot, ad mold, and its all bad, people hHandel it from the grower to the trimmers, people who package it, then receive it and smoke it..etc. i know that also it and or MSM is used in cloud seeding, the pulp mills, and MSM is a cutting agent for Methamphetamine at least here in Humboldt county California. i realize that all of this may have nothing to do with each other from someone else’s point of view and it didn’t even come fully together for me until i saw the pictures of how DMSO really works, that’s when i knew. its the same thing that i have seen my friend pull out of his skin.

    One of the ways in which DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) can be used is as a solvent, which means that it can be used to dissolve things. As a September 2007 article in the “Biophysical Journal” titled “The Permeability Enhancing Mechanism of DMSO in Ceramide Bilayers Simulated by Molecular Dynamics” explains, DMSO is able to pass through the skin and other membranes. It is also able to enhance the permeability of some membranes, which means that small molecules will be able to pass more freely across these membranes. DMSO can thus be used to help some drugs be absorbed by the skin or to allow some compounds to penetrate into other tissues

    Comment by hsarah1sarah malo | December 28, 2011 | Reply

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