Morgellons Researchers

Morgellons Disease Sufferers Growing Weary in the Wait

Requesting help by independent scientists

Our research is uncovering some troubling facts; we’re calling on the help of the world’s scientists and doctors to help us on all of our behalves.  

As some may know, this systemic disease was reported to the CDC in 2002, to date, very little to nothing has been done on behalf of the people.  The disease study was handed over to the U.S. Army last fall, once again, nothing has been reported to help the people, and we are growing weary with the need for medical attention.  There are very few doctors who are actively treating this disease, they appear to be looking toward the CDC for a solution and/or protocol.

Daily, we are hearing about various species dying with diseases which we believe might be related to Morgellons Disease, we need help verifying our findings.  We have documented our findings at the following thread:


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  1. The CDC arranged for US ARMY research team to work with Kaiser since Kaiser turned up nothing, if they even looked at the problem. Kaiser had also stated that any cure found would be used for Kaiser patients only. TACKY-Tacky -tacky

    Comment by ben | February 8, 2011 | Reply

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