Morgellons Researchers

Morgellons Researchers


Hi, I’m ‘Kammy’ on the site, the only comprehensive Morgellons Research site on the Internet.   We are a public group of experimenters who have this disease and are using science to find some of the answers.  Please feel free to come and join us?


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  1. Hi,

    I’m Rob (Electrical Technologist).
    I have Morgellons.
    No lesions but I itch and produce fine spider silk fibers from my finger tips.
    This thing has had a dramatic impact on my health and life in general.
    I am currently experimenting with variable frequency high intensity magnetic fields using a large coil driven by power semiconductors. Is it possible to culture this thing from the fibers themselves?
    I need some advice on how to do this.
    I am trying to identify any vulnerability it may have during it’s stages of development.
    Perhaps during the fungal or bacterial stage.


    Comment by Rob D | March 12, 2011 | Reply

  2. I have Morgellons and until recently,I thought that I was using a machine generating frequencies, but discovered that this machine is designed to generate Scalar Energy.
    I have been fortunate to not yet have the lesions and I have had the crawling,biting, and stinging. The biting and stinging being occasional. The crawling nearly constant. I use protective topical s to keep me going while at work.

    If the environment is inhabited with something that can continually morph than from the looks of it we will need strong scalar energy from the satellites creating constant shock waves of Scalar Energy creating a continuous sonic boom. Sure sounds crazy, so does managing surplus population.

    Scalar is two identical frequencies vectored to converge canceling each other out leaving a vacuum of energy that can be increased, to diagnose using potentiometers in a designed circuit. I have just read how it can be increased, but I am of belief that its affect on a human has to be faster than the speed of sound to obliterate it and not the human host. What appears to have been diagnosed in me also with the therapy of the machine has also cleared of over 250 either parasites,viruses or bacteria. Test a tick using a Scalar machine and discover how infected the tick is. Where any research is ongoing regarding Morgs And what comes from the research…a number can be determined using Scalar Energy to clear it from the host. I welcome the help to make this happen with increasing the Scalar Energy, but most important how to accelerate it in the human hosts. JOE

    Comment by Joe | May 21, 2011 | Reply

    • Hi Joe, it looks like you and Rob need to speak together, you’re on somewhat the same page? Do you mean that you have a particular Scalar Energy machine that you’re using on yourself and you think it is helping you?

      Comment by Kammy & Katinka | May 23, 2011 | Reply

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