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How the Morgellons Fibers Are Created…


If we look at Experimenter Baraka’s video, we can see that the Morgellons fibers network forms from a ‘seed’.   This is human blood from Baraka’s arm on a slide.

Below is a photo of a human ear lesion @100x in nutrient agar which shows the seed being more like a bean and with the fibers growing out the top of it.

I believe this in a Petri Dish is more of how it might grow inside the human body than above on a slide.

The ‘frilly-looking’ particles around the black lines are more of the tiny specks that you see in the back ground.    These fall off and spread about as seen in other photos.

This seed has been identified as in the Peridiscaceae family of the Cyanobacteria phylum.  I have noticed several different ways this ‘seed’ reproduces, I’ll cover that shortly.

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