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Fish Genes in the Trees?


”For the first time, we have the ability to put a bacteria or even a fish gene into a tree," says Robert Jackson.

Definitions and Dangers:

A genetically modified tree is one that has had its genetic material altered through any method, including conventional breeding.

A genetically engineered tree is one that has been modified using techniques that permit the direct transfer of genes to that organism. Collectively these techniques are called recombinant DNA technology.

A transgenic tree has been genetically engineered using genes from another genus. Transgenic trees, however, have been genetically engineered to contain DNA from an external source. They have undergone a genetic alteration or modification whereby specific genes have been added or removed to produce a unique genetic combination that is expressed in the tree.

Genetic modification includes selecting genes from different species (or kingdoms) and re-mixing them to produce novel traits not found in the tree’s wild relatives and not previously seen in its species.

The article below has since been removed, how many times have we seen that? It reported that China had been genetically manipulating their trees for years for the purpose of making a softer pulp tree for the paper production industry.  This page quoted Robert Jackson,

“For the first time, we have the ability to put a bacteria or even a fish gene into a tree," says Robert Jackson.….es_x.htm?csp=36

it strongly suggested that China had put fish genes in their trees for experimentational purposes.

My argument was – Robert Jackson is a scientist, why would a scientist say something so outlandish, if it were not true?  Scientists speak of science, not fiction.

(I wonder if China is manufacturing our toilet paper?)

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